Belief Systems

Our belief systems, values and the emotional energy that we hold as individual/cultural/collective truths determines our ability or inability to understand one another and to create solutions to personal, organizational and collective dilemmas. Delve into the ancient and modern beliefs that form the current world collective consciousness and learn to see and more deeply understand your own beliefs. Discover new ways to build bridges of ever deepening understanding and strength so that no matter what load or weight is placed on it, it will not fail you in any part of your personal or collective life.

Humanity's Purpose

Humanity's purpose, passion and deepest knowledge and wisdom resides in the heart which, when touched, takes precedence over the mind. This runs contrary to what we are generally taught, but when the beauty of this place is touched true creativity and genius can be released. We are brought back into wholeness where mind, body, soul and spirit act in accord with one another, and we are "in sync" once again. In addition, once this opening occurs, we can visualize or see systems and the issues we are facing in the world in a new light and can create solutions from a truly wholistic perspective. It is a paradigm shift of the highest magnitude, as if night turned into day or day into night. The knowledge and wisdom have always been there, just as night and day are always there on Earth, but you might be surprised that you never dreamed or imagined it before.

Creativity & Wisdom

The beauty of the divine heart and its wisdom can be seen everywhere we look. Our life is spiritual in nature from the smallest pebble on the ground to the vastness of the universe to the miracle of our own body. Whether we can see it, feel it or even believe it, the hands and heart of God, the creator, the great architect of the universe is at work. The fingerprint is unmistakable once you become attuned to the divine energy and become aligned with it. You can begin to see amazing patterns unfold before your very eyes.

What was once unseen to you will become seen. Creativity levels increase as your inherent gifts unfold. Your relationships will blossom and become a sacred, divine journey. Your life can become the dance of the lovers, a powerful spiritual journey taken both within yourself, and with those around you.

We hold wisdom within--deeply embedded. For the most part, sadly enough, we see little evidence in our daily decision making. Where is that deepest widsom evidenced in our thoughts and actions? Can we truly become the Wise elders that we already are? What will it take to activate and embody our deepest wisdom?